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Spring Showcases

Our “Anything Goes in Candyland” Spring Showcases are dedicated to and in honor of the memory of our beloved Lisa Desenberg! Lisa's love of both dance and her fellow dancers lives on through her generous friends and family. Thank you, Lisa, for such an impactful legacy!

Adults, register with your instructor or stop by the front desk at any studio location!

Toddlers, Teddy Bears, Juniors & Dynasty Stars - Registration is 100% ONLINE! Ask your teacher or stop by the front desk if you have questions or need assistance! Make sure you meet with Ms. Evie to plan your solo & dance goals for this season!


What if I need to change my tickets after I have already submitted this form?

To adjust your ticket count, please speak directly with the front desk or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any changes need to be completed prior to the last preorder ticket sale date of Friday, April 12th.

Does my credit card automatically get charged when I submit this form?

No. Our office staff will review your submission and you will receive a separate quickbooks receipt or invoice via email according to the billing method you select. The form submission is an order form, not a receipt of payment.

How do I know which show my student is performing their solo(s) in?

You can confirm with the front desk or directly with your teacher! For students also performing group routines, solos will be scheduled during shows they are already performing in.

Do I have to pay the registration fee for each show my dancer is in?

No. The registration fee will only be applied to each dancer one time.