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July Newsletter

Hello Dynasty Students!

Wow! How did July sneak upon us so quickly? Summer break has officially past and we hope you all enjoyed a little fun and relaxation with family and friends!

June was another action packed month filled with so many activities to take your dancing to the next level; we enjoyed our annual Beach Bash Mini Match with guest judges Shane Jensen and Michele Mason, inspiring community performances, fun festival dance parties with a special Pro Show, and many competitive highlights from Millennium Dancesport.

Don't forget to follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to catch all the pictures of all of our dance events throughout the month and to tag you and your friends!!

Don't forget to download our calendar of events for the month of July or pick one up in one of our locations. 

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Summer Break

Dynasty is going on a little summer vacation from Monday, July 1st - Saturday, July 6th. Normal group classes will resume on Monday, July 8th!

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday week! 

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Summer Color Festival

We are thrilled to announce the Summer Color Festival 2024 happening June 15th - 22nd! Join in the competitive spirit and participate in our Summer Festival! The Color Theme will lead the way for our festival games and give you a chance to win free lessons, studio activities, coaching sessions and more! The second largest lesson sale will go on this week as well so don't miss out on this opportunity to stock up on lessons for the year!

Join in the competitive spirit with us!

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What's Happening at Dynasty Dance Clubs in June!

Hello Dynasty Students!

Can you believe June is just around the corner? Time sure flies by when you're having FUN! May has been a chock full of insightful coaching experiences, many competitive highlights, social dance opportunities, in studio events like practice rounds and level passing, and community performances! Dynasty Dance Clubs truly has something for everyone!

We are so incredibly proud of everyone who represented Dynasty Dance Clubs at Emerald Ball, Atlanta Open, Crown Jewel, Go Wild, Intrigue Dance Intensive and Dancing a la Carte. Don't forget to follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to catch all the pictures of all of our dance events throughout the month and to tag you and your friends!! Don't forget to download our current events calendar or pick one up in the lobby. 

We look forward to seeing you around the studio and please remember to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 941-955-8558 should you ever have any questions along your dancing journey at Dynasty Dance Clubs! 

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Coaching and Workshop with Karina Smirnoff

Dyansty Dance Clubs is honored to host Karina Smirnoff - Professional Dancer on "Dancing with the Stars"

Grab your dancing shoes and get ready as Karina Smirnoff visits Dynasty Dance Clubs! It's not everyday such a high profile dance choreographer and coach comes to town, so be sure to save the dates and sign up today.

Karina will be available for individual coaching sessions by appointment only on January 3rd & 4th but she will also host a variety of workshops at the Downtown Sarasota & Lakewood Ranch locations:

  • Wednesday at 12:15pm: Adult / Competitive Class
  • Thursday at 5:30pm: Ages 4 - 10 (Swing, Salsa, and Samba)

Spaces will fill quickly; RSVP today by clicking the link below and make sure to add the dancer name & session day/time you would like to attend.

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United States Dancesport Championships

Take a peek at all the magical memories made at USDC 2023! Congratulations to all our students and teachers! You were all incredible! 

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Dynasty News - June Edition

Can you believe June is here already? Time sure flies by when you're having FUN!

We owe you all a gigantic THANK YOU for supporting our Juniors in their production of "Aladdin" just a couple weekends ago. Many of our adult students as well as dancers in our Dynasty Stars program contributed as sponsors and/or attended the performances and made this such a positive experience for our Juniors. Your donations will help them reach their competitive goals for the rest of the year and we are truly GRATEFUL!

May was also chock full of many competitive highlights and community performances! We are so incredibly proud of everyone who represented Dynasty Dance Clubs at Emerald Ball, Crown Jewel, and Swing into Summer! Don't forget to follow us on FACEBOOK to catch all the pictures of all of our dance events throughout the month and to tag you and your friends!!

Don't forget to download our June Events Calendar or pick up one today at one of our convenient locations. 

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What is Level Passing? Is it Right for Me?

Learning any new skill takes time to develop and most importantly patience. As with all new interests there are always tried and true methods to help you achieve your goals throughout the journey. As your dance professionals; here at Dynasty, we pride ourselves on giving you a dance education like no other in the community. Classes are only part of the equation when it comes to becoming the best possible dancer you can!

Your dance education is more than mere instruction. Applying and demonstrating the skills you are learning and mastering takes place in our practice parties, coaching sessions with top rate professionals, workshops, performances, and level passing exams. Each of these experiences are equally important but let's focus on why a level passing opportunity is important for your overall dance goals and achievements.
Imagine walking into your lessons and covering the same material over and over with no goals or direction in place.

Muscle memory may kick in gear over time but the artistic side of dance may develop at a much slower pace leaving any dancer feeling unsuccessful at best.
Our level passing experiences allow you to learn and master certain skills at your own developmental rate while helping you explore the side of dance that will give you much satisfaction on the dance floor! The professional coaches and examiners we utilize for our level passing exams will help you understand how to take your dancing to the next degree and will help you focus on developing future goals with attainable steps to follow in order to achieve them.

Ask your instructor when the next level passing is at your location! 

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Emerald Ball Dancesport Championships

Emerald Ball is one of the oldest and largest ballroom dance competitions in the United States! Congratulations competitors on a fantastic week of dancing! 

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Kentucky Derby Party - Adults

Join us for our Adults' Kentucky Derby Showcase Cast Party on Tuesday, May 16th at 4pm at our downtown Sarasota location. Tickets are $20/dancer or FREE if you participated in the "Anything Goes in Arabian Nights" Showcase. Be sure to register at Dynasty Dance Clubs!

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January Adult Practice Party

Take a peek at all the fun we had at our Mimosa Dance Party this month! Come and join the fun with us on Valentine's Day as we celebrate the soft re-opening of our Downtown Sarasota location! Our Adult Potluck Practice party will be held at our Main Street location from 7:00 - 8:30pm. RSVP today! 

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Coaching with Marzena Stachura

Take your dancing to the next level with coaching opportunities with the top master teachers in our field! It's easier than ever to get direct access to coaches! Even the top performers around the world have coaches...and they work with coaches to get them to perform at their peak.

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Summer 2022 Color Festival

We are thrilled to announce Color Festival 2022 happening July 9th-19th! Join in the competitive spirit and participate in our Summer Festival! The Color Theme will lead the way for our festival games and give you a chance to win free lessons, activites, coachings and more! The second largest lesson sale will go on this week as well so don't miss out on this opportunity to stock up for the year! Take a peek at the full set of festival rules and activities to participate in through the week.

Join in the competitive spirit with us!

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5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Ballroom Dance

If the title of this article got your attention, you have probably thought of bringing your child to a ballroom dance studio. But, if you feel that you're lacking information on the "effectiveness" of this sport/art, let me help make it easier for you to decide.

Here are a few "on point" statements on why your child should definitely get involved with ballroom dancing:

Music & Movement 

I'd like to start this off from the roots. Do you remember the first time you heard music? Of course you do! You have heard the beat, the melody, and a singing voice perhaps. It might have sounded strange at first, but it was so irresistible. And then, there was no explanation to your further actions – You started moving your body, wiggled your arms and legs, and I bet you were smiling too. The best part of this reaction – it was all natural.

From birth, every single person has the natural feel for music. We can dance to, pretty much, anything. However, an untrained dance is lacking structure. It looks repetitive, a bit primitive, and probably chaotic. So, the core of ballroom dancing is based entirely on structure, which almost instantly gets applied to music. With practice and some help from instructors, your child will not only develop a stronger inner feel for music, but will also be able to apply moves to it. Not to mention, it will all be done with a partner.

Body Development

You can spot a ballroom dancer from far. Good stance, flow of movement, and the most commonly noticeable factor – The Posture. "But, Ballet also has The Posture" – you might object. That is absolutely true! In fact, both Ballroom and Ballet have a lot of things in common. But it seems, that there is an obvious flow in directional movement in a ballroom dancer, which may not be noticed in a ballet dancer.

To give you an example: it is fascinating to watch a ballroom dancer go through a crowded place. Since floor craft is trained from an early age, you probably will not see them collide with anyone. Besides, ballroom dancing has a much higher contrast in movement. From slow and continuous to sharp and static. Try running for a minute and a half, make a sudden stop to catch a quick breath, then run faster for another minute and a half, and do that at least 3 more times. Oh, and while you're at it, keep your hands to your sides and don't drop them down. Oh, do it all to the music and with a partner. Got the picture?

Art & Culture

Dancing is bodily expression to music. Regardless, if a dancer does choreography or improvises (which, essentially, means the same thing, since improv is a choreography broken down into elements and danced in a chaotic pattern). In case of ballroom dancing, expression to music usually happens with a partner. The culture behind every ballroom dance has been developed over the years, which means, your child will be exposed to some history. Of course, the cultural and historical details for each dance will vary depending on the amount of knowledge the instructor has, but generally, the idea of each dance will be clear. The beginning of the learning process will be strict and bold ("This is Cha Cha, it's coming from Cuba, and this is how you do it…"), but further into the future, more emphasis will be put into the character of each dance, and the expression it could be danced with.

Mutual Love & Respect

We live in a society where violence is (mostly) not permissive. And, indeed, this is how it should be. But, unfortunately, it seems that mass media promotes more violence, while trying to prevent it. In the age of technology and easy-to-reach information, with the graphical content that accompanies it, we are aware of bad news much sooner. And our children are no exception. At a young age common sense and rationality are, very much, still developing, so everything your child sees is usually taken AS IS.

But, how can ballroom dancing help promote mutual love & respect? Easy! Lead by Example.

In 1994, Pierre Dulaine – a former competitive ballroom dancer, founded Dancing Classrooms, a Social and Emotional development program for 5th grade children that uses ballroom dancing as a vehicle to change the lives of the children and their families. Kids are required to partner up, learn different dances together and eventually showcase at a local dance competition. Later, Pierre took the project to his home-country – Jaffa, Israel, where children of long-term enemies – Jews and Arabs, had to learn how to dance together. The results were absolutely fascinating!

Dreams & Goals

Thinking back, almost every kid I have ever met in the dance sport industry wanted to become a champion. Some have stuck to their dreams and reached their goals. Some had smaller goals and did their best to achieve them. It is fascinating to observe the physical and emotional involvement of all – the kids, parents and coaches.

With hard work, to see your kid's dream come true, right in front of your eyes… Always inspirational!

So, you still question if your kids should Ballroom Dance?

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Welcome to Dynasty Dance Clubs!

Dynasty Dance Clubs was founded to create a unique dance-learning environment for people of all ages, backgrounds and levels.

Here at Dynasty, we believe that dancing IS for everyone! From wedding dances to competitive dancers, to single individuals and married couples, kids and adults with special needs, we are committed to make an unforgettable experience for each of our student.

Our professional team is driven by passion, knowledge and personal approach, striving to make each lesson the best experience yet.

We don't just teach dance; we build relationships and memories. We build a Dynasty!

Meet Our Instructors!

​Our instructors are certified in all varieties of levels and classifications to meet the needs of our students. With different types of backgrounds and interests, our instructors are eager to teach and grow with their students through unique individual ways.

Start Your Dance Journey With Dynasty Dance Clubs Today!

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Choosing A Style Of Dance That Is Right For You

As technology brings the world's cultures together and artists/choreographers continue to push the creative envelope, there are more types of dance classes now than ever before. Don't let all the options overwhelm you, but don't limit yourself to stereotypes either!

There are many different types of dance, but the fundamentals are often very similar. Read on to learn about each general genre and find out which one is most compatible with your personality and interests. 


Graceful, elegant, precise, delicate: if these words describe you, ballet might be the perfect fit.

With classical European roots and a vocabulary that's still completely French, ballet has a long tradition of developing dancers who look weightless and effortless as they pull off difficult spins, extensions, and footwork.

But it's far from easy, so if you fall in love with formal ballet, you'll need to decide whether you want to make a serious commitment. Every professional ballet dancer has years of intense training behind him or her.

Even if you don't have perfect posture or long, flexible legs, ballet's structure and symmetry translates easily into other schools of dance. Ballet fusion, for example, takes musical and choreographic cues from wildly different genres, infusing traditional lines with influences that range from modern dance to Motown.

Contemporary, Modern and Jazz

Modern might look more casual than ballet, but these types of dance classes also incorporate very careful, specific choreography. Modern dance actually emerged a long time ago, when choreographers learned to treat the human body as a versatile tool that can be shaped and molded through dance.

From Martha Graham's whole-body breathing exercises to today's high-concept, contemporary performances, modern dance continues to challenge traditional notions of movement and art.

Meanwhile, jazz dance has also evolved throughout the decades, following and embodying popular music trends. From New Orleans jazz clubs to Michael Jackson's iconic music videos, jazz dance is still a dynamic, current, and high-energy option that's perfect for music lovers and natural athletes.

Ballroom Dance

From Dancing with the Stars to Silver Linings Playbook, ballroom dancing has officially arrived on the pop culture stage. If you're revisiting your dancing shoes as an adult, this is a great place to start.

As you learn foot sequences and how to lead or follow, your instructor will help fine-tune your posture and sense of rhythm. These dance lessons are usually more casual than solo sessions in a professional studio, and because students have to pair off to rehearse their steps, you get the added bonus of socializing. Classes can be romantic bonding experiences for couples, or give single students a chance to connect with new friends.

Theatrical Dance

Theatrical instruction is an excellent way to channel physical energy and tap into your natural storytelling talents. It's one of the best types of dance for those who thrive on constant sensory stimulation; props, costumes, music, and backgrounds are important elements of the theatrical dance performance.

Of course, choreographers also incorporate these to complement a ballet's themes — or to highlight a jazz routine's musical accompaniment — but for theatrical purposes, the colors and textures onstage are often just as important as the choreography.

And Many More

These are just a few of the many dance styles you can learn, but there are many more such as hip hop dance, tap, belly dancing and so on.

Some types of dance are a perfect fit from the very first lesson, but don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Cover your bases and sign up for two or three different types of dance classes, if you're interested in multiple styles.

Improvisation exercises in modern dance class can unleash the creative potential and inner confidence of a quiet, reserved dancer. And the structured nature of ballet choreography can help restless dancers improve their focus and control. Have fun, and you'll find your niche soon enough!

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Private Lessons

Dance can be an expensive hobby, if you are not careful. It becomes very easy to spend a lot of your money on dancing when you love doing it! Here are some pointers on how to get the most out of your private lessons without "breaking the bank".

1. Who Do They Think They Are?

First and foremost, choose your dance teacher wisely. There are thousands of dance studios around the world, even more dance teachers. How do you know where to go? Doing your research and finding out more about your instructor before you put your "dance career" in their hands can save you a lot of time and money.

Depending where you want to take your dancing - competitions, exams, show performance, etc. your teacher should be qualified to support you on your journey. Unfortunately, someone's passion for dance doesn't count as a qualification or relevant experience.

2. Why Are You Dancing?

You are dancing for your own reasons, there is something that you are trying to achieve.

-Improve your health -Become more social -Wear fabulous dresses -Live in that fairy tale for just a minute

If you don't know what you are working towards, how will you know that you have reached your goal? Objectives and milestones keep us motivated and help to track progress. Talk to your teacher about your goals, they are there for you. Be S.M.A.R.T. about your goals. 

Follow these steps for goal setting: Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely

3. Don't Be Afraid Of Homework.

At the end of your lesson it's great to a have clear idea of what you need to focus on before the next lesson. Ask your teacher if you are not sure. However, try to get a little bit more than "just practice", as its too vague. Perhaps, "memorize your choreography or your job is to know your timing inside out" - quite simple tasks and very clear, but they still prove challenging to some.

It's easy to get distracted so make sure that once you know your homework, you complete the job. When you know you have done your homework, doesn't it feel great to come to see your teacher and show them you have completed the task? The magic words that every dancer loves to hear from their coach "I can see you have been working hard. Much better"!

4. From Practice To Performance.

You are a dancer and you use your body to produce something meaningful and artistic. Certainly, you wouldn't accept a special award in your pajamas.

You would need to prepare yourself. The same applies when it comes to your dance lessons. To start off, look the part because this will make you feel better and more confident. Wear your practice clothes that make you feel good for all lessons! If you don't have practice wear, then you have an excuse to go shopping.

Secondly, warm up! Go through your choreography, even in your head, and stop wasting valuable lesson time.10-15 minutes is all you need to be ready. And remember you need to wake up both your body and mind.

5. Always Ask Questions

There are "thinkers" and "doers". Which one are you? If you are a thinker, you need to know the details and reasons behind the things your teacher says. When you are a doer, you just "do" without asking many questions.

During the process of learning, you are at the stage where you don't feel the movement or understand what your teacher wants because it's so fresh and new. Ask your teacher to explain principles and then work on them at your own pace. The better the teacher, the more ways they will have to explain the same subject.

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17 Dance Tips For Your Practice Rounds That Will Take You To The Next Level

Keeping the focus and excitement during your dance practice rounds, which you do before every competition, is not easy. So, why not try mixing up your "finals-rounds-run throughs" to challenge your brain to always give your 100%?  

To start off, first agree with your partner how many sets of rounds you are going to dance. 4 rounds of full out dancing is usually what most couples do. Below are 17 ideas to make your final rounds different at practice. So, pick 'n' mix 4 for each practice and commit. These apply to both International Standard/Latin & American Smooth/Rhythm.

 1. A Typical Final.

Typically, a final is up to 2 mins per dance, with 30-45 seconds break between dances. Whether you have 4 or 5 dance sets, stick with these time frames.

2. First, go Separate. Then – Together.

Each routine would be danced twice. Your first dance (for example, ChaChaCha) alone, then with your partner. Then move on to the next dance (Samba) – dance it alone, followed by dancing together. Repeat with every dance.

3. All Dances Alone. Then – Together.

Dance all dances by yourself, then with your partner. Remember, dancing alone doesn't mean you can do less and save the energy. Blast it up and give it all.

4. Count the Music.

To make sure you still keep using your brain, play the music at 95% speed and count the timing and beat values of your choreography out loud, all whilst dancing. Don't forget to breathe.

5. Final With Feedback

Dance your first dance by yourself, then together. Once completed the first dance, stop and get feedback and points for corrections. Do the same for all dances, and don't get too personal.

6. Quicker than "Quick".

Set the music speed higher (at 105-110% or so) and do the full set of dances, 2 min each and 30-45 seconds in between.

7. A Song that lasts FOREVER

Set the duration of music for 2 mins 30 secs (with 2 mins 15 secs of full out dancing) and get ready to breathe heavily. Do it with every dance. 

8. Start in the Middle.

Start each dance from halfway point of your routine, so your energy in the middle is as high as it is in the beginning. Dance full out for 2 mins with every single dance in the set.

9. Obstacle Course.

If you guys are practicing alone in the studio, put obstacles around the floor (Chairs, bags, or anything you can find) The more obstacles, the better it is. Move them around and ensure your energy remains the same when you approach them.

10. HID (High Intensity Dancing).

A full round of all dances with 20 seconds in between and no drinking until after the final dance.

11. It's Showtime!

Final with Audience. Bring some toys to the studio or print names/pictures of famous dancers. Put them on the walls around the floor and every time you face them whilst dancing, imagine they are watching you in real life. Perform and give it all you've got!

12. Little Space, Same Steps.

Limit your floor space by 50%, but ensure your steps are as powerful and energetic as if you were on a big dance floor. If you've got the LOD dances, adjust your choreo accordingly.

13. Back to Basics.

Basic to Open. Dance a full round final, alternating basic figures with your own open/competitive choreography. Ensure the basic is lead & follow and set cues for transitions into your open routines. Do the same for all dances.

14. YouTube Finals.

Find a video of a full final, or separate dances, filled with audience noises, cheering and clapping. Imagine this is your final and dance your heart out!

15. Your Dance, Your Choice.

In any order they'd like, one person decides which dance their partner would dance "full out" in front of them. Then switch, and the person who just danced now picks a dance for their partner. Each of you should dance the full round, full out!

16. Sing Along!

Play the music and dance a full round, whilst singing out the rhythms. The purpose of this is to give your control of your breathing and irritate your partner, since, I'm sure, they love your angelic voice.

17. The Killer Final

Start with a Typical Final of 5 dance and dance throughout each, then a final of 4, then 3, 2, until you have 1 final dance left – This shall be your honour dance, and you dance it as such! There is a 30 seconds break between dances and 1 min break between rounds. The choice which dance to leave out is alternated and decided between partners.

To finish, these are some of the ideas we encourage you to use to practice, and keep yourself focused to make sure you don't plateau. It's important that your practices excite you and they are not always the same.

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Lost Your Inspiration? Schedule A Coaching Session

Why You Need a Coach and How to Get The Most Out of The Experience 

Natalie Paramonov Coaching at Dynasty Dance Clubs SRQ

A dancer, a businessman, and an artist walk into a room.

What do they have in common? The fact that they all hire coaches to help better them in their pursuits. So — maybe that anecdote isn't clever or funny, but you get the picture.

Why do people need coaches, and how can you get the most of a coaching?

The first and most obvious reason is to have an outside pair of eyes look at your work then give you tips on how to make it better — this is a great reason, and we could stop there.

But coaches, sports coaches, life coaches, dance coaches or otherwise, do more than tell you "hey, do better" or "point your toes." They inspire you to push yourself and set you on the right path to take your performance to the next level.

It often seems like "successful" people were born successful, or figured out how to work to their full potential on their own, or just somehow know how to get what they want. But, when we think about it, we all realize that people aren't born knowing how to master any particular skill. Getting to the "next level" requires a lot more than repeating the same steps by ourselves on a daily basis.

Whether that next level be dancing competitively or feeling comfortable enough to say yes when somebody asks you to dance, coaching takes thinking out of the equation — coaches narrow down your focus to one specific change, creating attainable results that will affect the rest of your body, your mind, and your dancing.

 More specifically, coaches:

  1. Help you to develop a vision and give you a mental framework to get there.
  2. Allow you to "update" and build upon the foundation you already have.
  3. Collaborate with you to create that skill update, by providing support and accountability that encourages students to try new and different actions that will produce results that matter to them.

If you're thinking about taking a coaching here are some tips to get most out of it:

  1. Relax! Understand that these people have seen it all, experienced it all. They're not there to criticize you, they're there to open your mind and help connect mind and body.
  2. Don't be afraid to ask questions or take notes. This will help the coach understand where you're at mentally and physically. Go for it and show them the best that you've got so they have an accurate representation of where you are.
  3. Keep an open mind. Sometimes you may receive conflicting information — two different perspectives that may seem at odds with what you previously understood to be true or correct. Before rejecting the new information, try it out. See what works better for you. It's dancing — usually there is no right or wrong, just what looks and feels more comfortable.

Whether you feel like you've hit a plateau in your dancing or you just want to give a new experience a try, the biggest benefit to taking a coaching is walking away with a new sense of inspiration. As you open yourself up to the coaching experience, the mind gives way to the body and clears room for a focused, relaxed state we don't normally experience in our day-to-day lives.

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“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.”
~Erol Ozan