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What is Level Passing? Is it Right for Me?


Learning any new skill takes time to develop and most importantly patience. As with all new interests there are always tried and true methods to help you achieve your goals throughout the journey. As your dance professionals; here at Dynasty, we pride ourselves on giving you a dance education like no other in the community. Classes are only part of the equation when it comes to becoming the best possible dancer you can!

Your dance education is more than mere instruction. Applying and demonstrating the skills you are learning and mastering takes place in our practice parties, coaching sessions with top rate professionals, workshops, performances, and level passing exams. Each of these experiences are equally important but let's focus on why a level passing opportunity is important for your overall dance goals and achievements.
Imagine walking into your lessons and covering the same material over and over with no goals or direction in place.

Muscle memory may kick in gear over time but the artistic side of dance may develop at a much slower pace leaving any dancer feeling unsuccessful at best.
Our level passing experiences allow you to learn and master certain skills at your own developmental rate while helping you explore the side of dance that will give you much satisfaction on the dance floor! The professional coaches and examiners we utilize for our level passing exams will help you understand how to take your dancing to the next degree and will help you focus on developing future goals with attainable steps to follow in order to achieve them.

Ask your instructor when the next level passing is at your location! 
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“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.”
~Erol Ozan